Pre-Season Update

October 1, 2015
Can you believe that the regular season is only 6 days away? Hockey season is the best.
I wanted to do a quick intro to each of the members of this league so you know who’s who. I’ve heard there’s already been trade requests going back and forth, which is awesome. This’ll help you know who you’re trying to sucker into giving you their best scoring winger.
Rhys is your benevolent League Commissioner and captain of the good ship BOTP. He cheers for the Oilers, and was surprised as you were when McDavid was gifted to the franchise. He lives in Kelowna, does marketing for an electronics company, and once competed in the Red Bull Soapbox Derby where he finished 14th.
Jace is the younger brother of the League Commissioner, and is somehow the cooler, wiser, and better looking of the Albrecht men. He lives in Kelowna with is wife, two kids, dog, house, yard and boat, and he is indoctrinating all of his kids (and dog and house and yard and boat) to cheer for the Oilers (except when Cousin Travis is in town).
Brett is a brother-in-law to the League Commissioner and sold the Commissioner his car, so there’s a lot of trust here. Brett and his wife have three girls younger than 7, so Brett is thankful to have fantasy hockey to occupy his mind for a few hours a week. Born, raised and thriving in Camrose, Alberta, Brett has been an Oilers fan as long as he can remember, and most of that remembering has not been very pleasant.
Davin (the younger bro-law to the Comissioner) is the hottest slinger of cars in Innisfail, Alberta, and has the sales figures to prove it. As an Oilers fan, he’s in a bit of hostile territory with all those Flames fans around, but he holds his own. Davin’s is a graduate of the Brian Burke School of Hockey Team Building, so if you’ve got a useless enforcer on your roster, offer him up in trade to Davin and you’ll probably come out on top.
Chris met the League Commissioner through years of photographing weddings together. As a transplant from the Maritimes, Chris is a long-suffering Leafs fan, but we’re just happy he’s here. Chris is a marketing wiz who contracts with several local collages, as well as photographing weddings and renting out photo booths.
Frank is a die-hard Canucks fan, the poor guy. He’s currently in training to join the RCMP, so while he’s from Kelowna, he’s currently in Saskatoon. He’s the older brother to the League Commissioner’s brother’s wife, so he gets all the trash-talk without the fear of reprisal. His sons are massive Canucks fans, and don’t realize yet that they are destined for several decades of misery to come.


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