Matchup 20 – Oh My Sweet Carolina

February 26, 2018

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It’s trade deadline day in the NHL, and while James Duthie is going his best to fill airtime, we’re looking at playoff scenarios and who still has a shot at the playoffs.

Also keep in mind that each of the non-playoff teams are entered in the consolation bracket to decide final rankings. In the interests of fair play, I’d remind everyone that we require all teams to set rosters in the last few weeks to give everyone a fighting chance.

Matchup Recap

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We had two tough losses for playoff-chasing teams, as Brett D lost a squeaker to Rhys and Steve couldn’t match Chris’ firepower.

The biggest game this week came right down to the wire, and Brock came away with the victory to pull himself up the standings. What does this mean? Let’s look at it below.

The other games went as expected – Jace beat Davin, Sohayl beat Cal, and Brett R pulled off his fifth victory of the year against Brennan.

Projected Playoff Bracket

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With just two weeks left, we can now start gaming out all the various possibilities.

#1 Sabretooth Chickens (17-3) – bye
#2 Jean Claude Van Damphousse (14-6) – bye

#3 Phantom of the Pacific (12-8) – #6 Bo Knows Hockey (11-9)
#4 Frank the Tank (12-8) – #5 Fists of Fuhry (12-8)

The team rundown went over gangbusters last week, so lets go through it again.

Sabretooth Chickens (16-3)

Last week Chris was in the playoffs with a lock on the first round bye, and nothing has changed.

Jean Claude Van Damphousse (14-6)

His win this week and Frank’s loss has essentially locked in the bye for Sohayl. Sohayl owns the tie breaker with head-to-head record against Frank, so he’s now just cruising to the end of the season.

Phantom of the Pacific (12-8), Frank the Tank (12-8), Fists of Fuhry (12-8)

These three teams are, at this point, relatively comfortably in the playoffs. As all are one game up on Brock and two games up on Brett D and Steve, there’s not much room left to catch them. If any of these teams win one of their two remaining matchups, they’ll be in.

Thus, matchup opponents come into play here. Rhys and Frank are probably going to win this week as they are facing teams already out of the running, while Jace is matchup up against Brett D, who is fighting for his life.

Bo Knows Hockey (11-9)

As it stands right now, Brock owns the final playoff spot outright without having to go to tie breakers. Brock’s win over Frank this week was absolutely huge, and facing Brett R this week leaves Brock in a great position to put more distance between himself and Brett D and Steve.

Connor’s Cup (10-10), Going for the Calder! (10-10)

For these two teams, it’s simple: win or go home. Any losses in the next two weeks and they’re out. But both have a clear path to the playoffs.

Steve would lose tiebreakers against Jace, Frank and Brock, so he needs virtually all of these matchups to break in the right direction if he wants to make it:

  • Rhys has to lose against Brennan this week and against Steve next week
  • Brock has to lose against Davin this week and Brett D next week
  • Brett D has to lose against Jace this week

If any of these flip the other way, Steve is looking at the consolation bracket.

For Brett D, his path is a lot more straightforward: win this week against Jace, and win next week against Brock. That final matchup is looking like the pivotal one to decide who goes forward and who goes home.

Matchup Precap

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So as we wind this down, there are a couple of pivotal matchups we’re watching. First, Brett D (10-10) needs to beat Jace (12-8) to keep his playoff hopes alive. Steve (10-10) needs to beat Brett R (5-15) and he’ll also be watching to see if Brennan (4-16) can beat Rhys (12-8) to keep Steve’s playoff hopes alive. Brock (11-9) will be facing off against Davin (4-16) to lock in his playoff spot, while Frank (12-8) is facing Cal (9-11). And while it won’t affect any of the playoff seeding, I’ll be closely watching was could be a preview of our final, as Chris (17-3) takes on Sohayl (14-6).

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