Matchup 2 Recap – Super Disco Breakin’

October 15, 2018

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Well it didn’t take long for the injuries to start hitting our players. From established fantasy stalwarts like JVR, Getzlaf and Perry, to young stars like Pettersson, Patrick and Tuch, this season is proving that you need to be quick on the pickup in free agency.

When replacing an injured player, it’s worth looking at who is replacing them on the depth chart. In Anaheim for example, injuries to Getzlaf, Perry, Kase and Eaves have decimated their forward lines, meaning that players like Max Comtois, Andrew Cogliano, and Ryan Kesler are getting huge minutes and prime power play usage.

Wait, Ryan Kesler is back? Huh. More about him below.

Matchup Recap

Boy did Jace ever lose a heartbreaker, as an empty net goal from Kyle Connor in the last Sunday game put Cal on top. Without that goal, Jace would have won by less than a point! Instead he drops to 0-2, while Cal moves to 2-0. Joining him in the undefeated club is Rhys, Sohayl and Brett, while Brock, Brennan and Davin join Jace in the basement.

Congrats to Kyle/John, who won their first matchup with a monster performance over Chris. Both teams join Frank and Steve at 1-1 on the season.

Player of the Week

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Ryan Kesler is a fascinating study as a fantasy player. He’s never been a true 1C in his career, playing behind Henrik Sedin in Vancouver and Getzlaf in Anaheim. He had two monster years with 75 and 73 points, but hasn’t cracked 60 since 2011.

Last year was a disappointment for Kesler, collecting only 14 points in an injury-shortened 44 game season, and there was some question how long he’d be out to start this season. Some speculated he’d be out until Christmas, and one wonders if the Ducks had fewer injuries if that’d be the case. As it stands he made his season debut this past week, and he’s in that 2C role behind Adam Henrique.

Kesler is also centering the Ducks second power play unit, and averaging almost 19 minutes a game. One wonders how long he can sustain that amount of time considering he’s 34, and just come back from significant surgery.

For fantasy owners he’s probably best used as a short term pickup to fill an injured players spot. And he does come with one bonus: the Ducks play the most off-night games (that is, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday), which can make him just that much more valuable.

Matchup Precap

We’re going to see the standings spread out this week, as our undefeated teams are all facing off together. Cal takes on Rhys, and Brett faces off agains Sohayl. Jace and Brock are both looking for their first wins of the season against Kyle/John and Chris, respectively. One of Frank and Steve will move to 2-1 after this week, and we will see one less basement dweller as Davin takes on Brennan.

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