Matchup 2 – Crossed Out Name

October 16, 2017

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Despite it being so early in the season, our rosters have been pretty shaken up. There’s been a number of significant injuries, and, strangely enough, we’ve already seen three trades completed! They are:

Rhys trades Johnny Gaudreau, 22nd rd pick
Brett D trades Viktor Arvidsson, 13th rd pick

Brock trades Colton Parayko, 17th rd pick
Rhys trades Brock Boeser, 18th rd pick

Brett R trades Jaccob Slavin
Brett D trades Damon Severson

While it’s mostly great to work with, one of the annoying quirks of the ESPN system is that we can’t trade draft picks in the system during the season – thus we keep a record of traded picks on the website. And since we all need an equal number of draft picks, when a draft pick is traded, a draft pick must also be going back to the original team. The picks are inverted; thus, if an 9th round pick is traded, the receiving team must give up their 26th round pick. The pattern continues with the 10th and 25th, 11th and 24th, and so on. You cannot trade a pick below the 17th round for a pick of lesser value.

Matchup Recap

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Best Forward: Nicklas Backstrom 27.4 (Brett D)
Best Defenseman: PK Subban 17.4 (Brett D)
Best Goalie: Mike Smith 18.9 (Jace)
Best Individual Performance: Nikolaj Ehlers 13.6 (Brennan)
Best Team Performance: Going for the Calder! 196.1 (Steve)

We have our first bad beat of the year. Brett D collected 176.8 FP this week, the third most of any team in our league. Unfortunately for Brett, he was matched up against Steve who happened to pull 196.1 FP in only his second matchup in the league.

This happens sometimes. Fortunately, it’s a long season, and we’ve only completed 10% of it. There’s plenty of time remaining to make it up.

Davin’s loss was a tough one to swallow as well. Davin’s had two very close matchups this year, losing both by less than 5 points each time.

All of the other matches were won pretty handily, with Brock beating Rhys, Sohayl beating Brennan, Jace beating Cal, and Chris taking poor Brett R to the woodshed.

Team In-Depth

Team In-Depth will return next week.

Watching the Waiver Wire

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In addition to the three completed trades, it was a busy Sunday night on the waiver wire as teams set up for the following week. It’s clear this year that a number of managers are taking advantage of their full allotment of acquisitions per week, choosing to cycle through players at the bottom of the roster to maximize their potential.

This will definitely come in handy this week, as the vast majority of games are happening on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. With Detroit playing four games, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, it’s be the perfect time to add a Red Wing, so let’s just check and see who is available…yeowza. Okay, so Detroit is bad. But you might consider adding Trevor Daley if you need a defenseman. Daley is playing almost 24 minutes per night, and he has been averaging 2 shots per game.

The Canadiens play Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and old stalwart Tomas Plekanec will play 17ish minutes, get 3-4 shots, and pick up the odd goal or assist. He’s probably the least exciting player on the wire, but he’s exactly the type of guy you can pick up for a few games before releasing again.

Vancouver has four games this week too, playing Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Back-up goalie Anders Nilsson hasn’t played yet this year, so I’d expect him to get two starts this week, possibly against Boston and Detroit. Nilsson has bounced around the league the last few years, and he’s a bit of a wild card, but if you just need a couple of extra goalie starts this week, he could be a low-risk bet.

Matchup Precap

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We’re left with four undefeated teams after this week, and the marquee matchup is Chris (2-0) versus Brock (2-0). Also looking to continue their undefeated streak is Steve (2-0) taking on Frank (1-1), and Sohayl (2-0) taking on Brett D (0-2). Also of note, this week sees a rematch of last year’s championship, with Rhys (1-1) taking on Cal (0-2), with both teams hoping to turn around after a disappointing start. Lastly, Davin (0-2) hosts Brennan (1-1) in the Small Town Alberta Cup, and Brett R (0-2) takes on Jace (1-1).

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