Matchup 13 – The Rescue Blues

January 1, 2018

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This week’s post will be short and sweet since it’s the week between Christmas and New Years and I’ve got a deck chair and a book calling my name.

This week we saw Brett D and Davin execute two trades with each other. The sum of these trades is:

Brett D trades
Joe Thornton
Jakob Silfverberg
11th round pick

Davin trades
Tyler Johnson
Jonathan Druin
24th round pick

Start negotiating your deadline deals now, boys. The good players aren’t going to last.

Matchup Recap

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Best Forward: Mikael Granlund 19.7 (Brett D)
Best Defenseman: PK Subban 13.8 (Brett D)
Best Goalie: Connor Hellebuyck 19.9 (Brock)
Best Individual Performance: Thomas Vanek 12.8 (Cal)
Best Team Performance: Connor’s Cup 177.6

Brock continues to chase after Chris, and his win over Rhys keeps him just 3 games back. Brett D’s commanding performance over Steve has quietly given him a three game winning streak, as did Cal’s win over Jace and Sohayl’s over Brennan. Frank narrowly beat out Davin to drop him to 1-11, and Chris shellacked Brett R to move to 12-1.

Projected Playoff Bracket

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If the Playoffs Were Today
In the most volatile week yet, we saw Frank, Brett D and Cal leap into the playoff bracket while Steve, Rhys and Jace all drop out.

#1 Sabretooth Chickens (12-1) – bye
#2 Jean Claude Van Damphousse (10-3) – bye

#3 Bo Knows Hockey (9-4) vs #6 Blades of Glory (7-6)
#4 Frank the Tank (7-6) vs #5 Connor’s Cup (7-6)

In the Hunt

#7 Going for the Calder! (7-6)
#8 Fists of Fuhry (7-6)
#9 Phantom of the Pacific (6-7)

Matchup Precap

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Huge playoff implications in our matchups this week, with Brock (9-4) taking on Chris (12-1), Sohayl (10-3) taking on Brett D (7-6), and Rhys (7-6) taking on Cal (7-6). Finally, Jace (6-7) looks to stay in the playoff picture with a game against Brett R (3-10) and Davin (1-12) and Brennan (2-11) meet in the Battle of the Basement.

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