Matchup 10 Recap – Phoning It In

December 19, 2016

We’re heading into the Christmas stretch with the NHL’s 3 day break falling on this week’s matchup and next. The last games this week fall on Friday, so keep that in mind when you’re setting your lineups. Everything else stays the same, however – you still get 3 player pickups and waivers are still in effect.

With 10 matchups in the bag, we’re exactly halfway through our fantasy regular season. Right about now is when you’ll want to start taking a hard look at your team and decide if you’re going to make a push for the playoffs or pack it in and prepare for next year. In next week’s post I’ll be explaining the playoff structure, trade deadline, draft picks, keepers and everything else you’ll need to know.

I don’t really have much of a preamble today as I’m on vacation and didn’t pay much attention to what’s happened this week, so in lieu of a well-researched essay, here’s a video of a cool kid getting cheered at a hockey game:

Head-To-Head Recap

Best Forward: Artemi Panarin 28.3 (Brock)
Best Defenseman: Victor Hedman 18.1 (Brett D)
Best Goalie: Matt Murray 18.6 (Davin)
Best Individual Performance: Jeff Skinner 11.9 (Brett R)

Worst Forward: Matthew Tkachuk -0.1 (Justin)
Worst Defenseman: Ryan Murray 0.1 (Davin)
Worst Goalie: John Gibson -3.2 (Sohayl)
Worst Individual Performance: John Gibson -3.2 (Sohayl)

Another week, and another extremely narrow loss for Justin. Despite putting up the 3rd highest score this week, he was just 1.5 fantasy points shy of Brett R, and drops to 1-9 on the year. I’m astounded. I have no idea how his bad luck has sustained this long. Frank’s loss was even closer, as Sohayl managed just 0.5 points more to snag the win and move to 5-5.

We saw a couple of big surges on Sunday – Brock collected 31.8 points to leap over Rhys and grab the win, Cal nabbed 23.9 to pull far away from Davin, and Brennan racked up 36.2 points to obliterate what seemed like a sure victory for Jace. In the end, the gap was just a little too big to make up, and Jace moves on to a league-leading 8-2.

Team In-Depth

Team In-Depth will return next week. #vacationmode

Watching the Waiver Wire

We saw a surprise trade this week, our first since Nov 7, with Justin sending Brent Seabrook and Antoine Vermette to Chris in exchange for Mike Fisher and Sami Vatanen. This is the second time Vatanen has been traded, joining Brandon Saad and Jakub Voracek in that esteemed club.

Best Unsigned Forward: Zack Smith 17.1
Best Unsigned Defenseman: David Schlemko 10.8
Best Unsigned Goalie: Mike Condon 9.7
Best Unsigned Individual Performance: Zack Smith 10.1

With the short week upon us, we’re going to focus on short term pickups that will give you maximum impact. First up? Mark Letestu. Seems crazy to pick up the 5th best center on the Oilers, but he’s been getting prime 1st unit powerplay time, takes a ton of defensive zone faceoffs, has 45 SOG this year, and has seen his icetime average over 17 minutes this month. With 3 games before the Christmas break, now’s the time to take a chance on him.

If you’re lacking in goals, pick up John Moore from the Devils. He has 5 on the year, and with 3 games this week against some floundering goaltenders, now’s the best time to take a chance on him.

Jacob Markstrom will pick up at least one of the Canucks’ next two games against Winnipeg, and likely against Calgary to end off the week. The Canucks haven’t been great this year, but they always seem to play well against Western Conference teams.

Matchup Precap

The big matchup this week is Cal (6-4) versus Brett R (7-3). Brett R has been consistently one of the best teams all year, but Cal has won 5 straight. Cal is also second overall in total fantasy points collected with 1711.0, while Brett R is right behind him with 1703.1. It could come down to roster construction, as Brett tends to ride his skaters pretty hard, while Cal’s goalies have been doing a lot of the heavy lifting lately.

Also this week: we have two more Brolaw Battles as Rhys (6-4) takes on Brett D (5-5) and Jace (8-2) takes on Frank (2-8). Chris (5-5) takes on Davin (4-6), Brennan (5-5) takes on Justin (1-9), and Brock (6-4) takes on Sohayl (5-5).

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