Managing Your Roster and Using the Waiver Wire

October 6, 2016

Thanks for joining us for the draft everyone. Some pretty interesting picks were made and studying the rosters reveals some interesting strategy – more on this later in the week when I’ll do an in-depth draft recap.

For now, let’s do a quick recap of roster management and how to use the waiver wire to add/drop players.


First, you can have a maximum of 26 active players on your roster, which includes the following starting slots:

LW: 4
C: 4
RW: 4
D: 6
G: 2
Bench: 6

You are restricted to carrying a maximum number of players per position; for each forward position that number is 6, for defense is 8, and for goalies is 3.

Each team also has two IR slots, so if one of your players that has been placed on IR by his NHL team, you can stash them away and pick up a replacement without having to take up a slot with an injured player or risk losing him to another team.

When a player has been activated off of IR by his NHL team, you will be prompted to make room for him on your active roster, mostly likely by dropping the replacement player (or another player on your roster) to waivers.


During the season, any player that is not on a roster is in the Free Agent pool, and can be added to you roster (provided you are not at your 26 player max).

Before becoming a free agent however, each player must pass through waivers.

If you drop a player from your active roster, they are placed on waivers for one full day. If that player goes unclaimed, he becomes a Free Agent that can be added at any time by any manager.

During the waiver period, any team can make a claim for that player (including the team that placed him on waivers). At the end of the waiver period, the team with the highest waiver priority will receive the player on their roster. Once a waiver claim has been successfully made, that successful team drops to the bottom of the waiver priority list in the order that claims were placed.

To start the season, our waiver priority is as follows:

Cal – Brennan – Brett R – Justin – Sohayl – Brock – Brett D – Frank – Chris – Jace – Davin – Rhys

For all regular head-to-head matchups, teams are limited to 3 transactions (picking up players/making successful waiver claims), but there is no cap on how many times you can do it throughout the season. For the first matchup of the season (because it is shortened), teams are limited to 2 transactions.

Some managers may want to make roster changes before the season starts – perhaps one of your picks didn’t crack the starting lineup, or maybe you drafted a player thinking that you were drafting a different player with a similar name. If so, you probably noticed that all players are listed as on waivers until Friday; that’s because following the draft, all players that were undrafted had to go through waivers before becoming free agents. Thus, if you wish to add a player to your roster, you will make your claim and have a pending transaction.

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