It’s Here, and it’s Real (Week 1 Recap)

October 14, 2015

I’m finally back from New Orleans Tuesday night, detoxing a week of incredible food and drink out of my system, ready to watch some hockey.

Then the Blue Jays end up playing in the most insane baseball game I’ve ever seen.

It looks as though my sports watching loyalties will be divided for the rest of the month, but with the first week of Fantasy Hockey under our belts, let’s look at what happened.

Currently we have Brett and Jace leading their conferences with 6 W each, although Brett’s slightly higher winning percentage puts him at the top of the standings. With the Head-To-Head style of league that we’re playing, a really strong performance can still fall short – Rhys had 12 goals and lost that matchup, while Brett had only 4 and won his matchup. Likewise, Chris’s goalies combined for a sparkling 2.019 GAA, but still lost that category because Brett managed to eke out a 1.992.

Knowing that, you may want to adjust your strategy based on your opponents’ perceived strengths and weaknesses. When playing a team that gets a ton of Face-Off Wins (Frank’s 131 was 16 higher than the next best team, for example), you may decide to put a center on the bench in favor of a higher-scoring winger.

So far Brett, Rhys and Davin are the only teams that have added/dropped players from their roster, and only Brett has made a waiver claim (snatching up Brandon Saad after Davin dropped him). The waiver order was set in reverse order of the draft, meaning Rhys has first crack at waiver claims (and looking back, wait, why didn’t I claim Saad? Ugh). Once you successfully claim a player off of waivers, you drop to the bottom of the list.

You are currently limited to 7 transactions (that is, acquiring a player through free agency or waivers) per week. I’m open to reducing this if we collectively feel like it’s too much.

Best and Worst This Week

Goals   –   Frank 13 / Chris 3
Assists   –   Rhys 21 / Jace 9
+/-   –   Frank 14 / Davin -9
PPP   –   Rhys 10 / Brett & Chris 6
SHP   –   Davin & Jace 1 / everyone else 0
FOW   –   Frank 131 / Jace 52
ATOI   –   Jace 20:29 / Davin 18:37
SOG   –   Chris 168 / Jace 110
W   –   Rhys & Brett 3 / Frank 1
GAA   –   Brett 1.922 / Frank 3.503
SV%   –   Rhys .9338 / Frank .8803

Player Showcase

Martin Jones is the best goalie in the league right now with 2 wins and a 58 save shutout streak to start the season. As a former LA goalie, there was always going to be questions on whether he was the real deal, or simply the product of a stifling LA defense; for now, it looks like he could be the starter San Jose has been looking for.

Watching the Waiver Wire

– There are currently four players with 4 goals: Jace has Parise and Landeskog, Frank has Turris, and Abdelkader is a free agent.
– There are currently ten players with 3 goals: 6 of those are free agents. Go figure.
– Missing out on Face Off Wins? Dubinsky, Kesler and Zibanejad are 4-5-6 in the league, and all are free agents.
– Not a surprise to see the usual suspects like Doughty, Letang and Pietrangelo at the top of the ATOI list. Need to improve this area? Dennis Wideman is sitting in free agency with 25:53 so far.
– Obviously Jones is tops, but the second best goalie in the league right now? Mike Smith with 3 wins, a GAA of 0.67, and a SV% of .977, just like we all predicted. Also flying high is Jimmy Howard with 2 wins, .50 GAA and SV% of .977.

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