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The Official BOTP Draft Tool

New this year! I’ve updated my own personal draft tool, and am releasing it to you guys to use.

It allows you to plan out your draft order, automatically calculates how many players from each team you’ve chosen, includes spots for targets in specific positions as well as low-rated steals. It also includes a handy list of how many off-night (Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun) games each team plays so you can target players on those specific teams.

Plus, if you want to print it out for the actual draft, it’ll fit nicely on a single sheet of paper.

Reddit user resarfydo’s Tiers and Rankings Sheet

For several years now, this guy has put together a spreadsheet that aggregates rankings from several places into one spreadsheet. He also includes places for you to add your own “Do Not Draft” and “Players to Target” sheets if you want to use them.


Draft Projections – Free

Scott Cullen, TSN – League Customized Spreadsheet

Scott Cullen is TSN’s resident Fantasy Sports expert. He released his projections divided by position, in a bunch of categories that we use for our scoring. I’ve taken his projections and created an easy-to-use spreadsheet that includes filters for keepers so you can see at a glance who is currently available. If you trust his judgement, this is a great tool to use. Want to get your own copy to mess around with? To download, click File – Download As.

ESPN Fantasy Hockey – In-App Projections and Rankings

While it has its flaws, ESPNs rankings have the definitive advantage of calculating projections exactly to our league scoring methods and being easily accessible in the mobile and desktop apps.

Dobber Hockey – General Rankings

Dobber has long been the go-to for fantasy hockey rankings. These rankings aren’t specific to our league scoring – for example, his rankings inflate the value of players with lots of hits, blocks and penalty minutes – but he has a pretty solid history of projecting which players will rise and fall in any given year. His prospect rankings are especially useful if you’re looking at picking up rookies.

theScore – Top 250 List

This list is based off of scoring in Yahoo standard leagues, so the scoring will be a little off for us. However, it’ll still give you a good idea of where players can and should be drafted. It’s a useful tool to figure out which players you can target in later rounds.

The Hockey News – Top 200 List

This ranking gets pushed to the bottom because it’s a long, text-based list that doesn’t account for our custom scoring. But sometimes its good to get a different opinion – for example, they’ve placed Patrick Kane in the #2 spot above Sidney Crosby, which seems crazy but they have logical reasons for it.

Draft Projections – Paid

Dom Luszczyszyn, The Athletic – Fantasy Hockey Projections

This is unquestionably my favorite projections tool for fantasy hockey. Dom is a very good hockey analytics writer, and his projections model is really sophisticated. I’ve been using his projections to write my BOTP Draft Prep posts, and his spreadsheets were very customizable to our league. For $7, this was a steal of a deal.

Left Wing Lock – Fantasy Hockey Draft Kits

Left Wing Lock is a pretty good resource during the season, with daily starting goaltenders and line combos. For the last several seasons they’ve also released Fantasy Hockey Draft Kits, which consists of projections customized to your league scoring – along with a TON of additional information – and a massive 450 page PDF full of league, team and player information on the upcoming season. It’s currently $14.