Draft Recap

September 30, 2015
The first ever Bottom of the Pacific draft is in the books. Here’s a quick recap with some observations from your commissioner:
– With the first overall pick in the first ever draft, with literally every player available, Davin chose Ovechkin, despite hating the guy. Why? Because Davin didn’t heed Rhys’ advice to arrive early and get used to the software. The timer started, Davin tried to pick Sid, got flustered, and the system auto-drafted Ovi for him when time ran out. Good start, Davin.
– We didn’t have to wait long for our first surprise of the draft, when Brett, looking to the future, chose Connor McDavid with the 5th overall pick. I suppose we could have seen this coming with “Connor’s Cup” as his team name, but passing on Stamkos had to have been a tough decision. Rhys immediately sets a reminder on his phone to text Brett every time Stammer scores this season.
– Chris adopted the “Stud in Every Position” draft strategy, taking the first D-man in Karlsson at 11, and the first goalie in Price at 14 after taking Crosby second overall. Pretty solid pillars to build a team around, but will he regret passing on some big point-getting forwards?
– Frank took the opposite strategy, loading up his forward group with Tavares, Kessel, Kane, Pavelski and Toews with his first five picks.
– Jace broke a lot of hearts when he nabbed Taylor Hall at 40th overall. Playing second line minutes with McDavid has his pivot has Hall poised for a monster year.
– Rhys chose Corey Schneider to backup Lundqvist with his 8th round pick, and realizing he had no defense in front of those goalies, spent his mid-rounds filling out the defensive core, choosing Josi, Ekman-Larsson, Giordano and Barrie in rounds 10-14. This sparked a run on defensive picks, with 8 d-men chosen between picks 66-76.
– Most Awkward Locker Room Award goes to Frank who, after taking Daniel and Henrik Sedin with his 8th and 9th picks, proceded to fill up the rest of his roster with Blackhaws, Kings and Bruins.
– Unrepentant Homer Award goes to Brett who loaded up on Oilers, taking McDavid, Nugent-Hopkins and Eberle in the first 11 rounds.
– Bad Fan Award goes to Rhys who avoided picking up any Oilers, yet chose Calgary’s Gaudreau, Giordano and Hudler. Guess he’s betting the Oilers have some growing pains before their inevitable greatness. Runner Up goes to Chris who finally chose a Maple Leaf in the 18th round after making Price his starting goalie.
– Scoring by Committee Award goes to Jace who loaded up on offensive defensemen like Carlson, Faulk, McDonagh and Schultz, all of whom will be expected to see a ton of power play time this year.
– Team of the Future Award goes to Davin, who stacked up on young, up-and-coming stars like Jack Eichel, Dougie Hamilton, Seth Jones, Leon Draisaitl, and Sam Bennett. Will those players break out this year? Or will they give Davin first crack at Auston Matthews in the 2016 draft?
– Diversity Award goes to Chris who chose players from 19 different teams, choosing to spread his eggs out amoungst many baskets. Homogeny award goes to Frank who only has 12 teams represented, including 4 from the reigning Stanley Cup Champions.
– Brett and Davin both chose to go with 2 goalies, while Rhys, Jace, Chris and Frank all elected to stick a third goalie on the bench. With some solid options like Mason and Luongo on the waiver wire, it’s not a bad risk to take.
– Interesting to see the different strategies with defensemen. Jace and Davin both elected to keep only 5 D on the roster, while Rhys, Frank and Chris all elected to stash a 6th guy on the bench. Brett went even further, selecting a 7th defenseman for extra depth. Expecting to see a busy waiver wire once the injuries start to pile up, with guys like Streit, Myers, Sekera, Johnson and Boychuk still available.
– We saw a lot of matching line selections in the draft. Davin chose this strategy early, picking Getzlaf and Perry with the 12th and 13th picks. Frank doubled down, betting on the Sedins will keep feeding each other assists while Kane and Toews rack up goals. Rhys thinks Hudler will help Gaudreau to a breakout sophomore year. Jace could see a lot of multi-point games with Steen and Backes feeding each other pucks. Brett sees Nugent-Hopkins and Eberle getting more favorable matchups this year now that McDavid is on the scene. And Chris…well, Chris is betting that we’re all idiots and filled his roster with lone wolves.

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