Draft Picks

This is a comprehensive list of the draft picks each team has for the coming season. The column is the owner of the pick, and the name in the table is who owned the pick originally. The table will be re-ordered once the season ends and the draft order is set.

For the 2018-2019 season, there will be 8 keepers. In Yahoo’s draft system (which we are moving to next year), the keepers actually come at the end of the draft, so we are now trading picks in rounds 1 through 15 (rounds 16-23 are reserved for keepers).

When a draft pick is traded, a draft pick must also be going back to the original team.

If a team has traded already traded a lower pick in exchange for a higher pick (ie. a 15th round for 1st round), they can trade a pick of higher value than detailed above (ie. a 14th for a 1st).

RhysJaceDavinBrett DChrisFrankBrockSohaylKyle/JohnSteveBrennanCal
Rhys 1st
Cal 1st
Davin 1stBrett D 1stChris 1stFrank 1stBrock 1st
Jace 1st
Sohayl 1st
Kyle/John 1stSteve 1stBrennan 1st
Rhys 2ndJace 2ndDavin 2ndBrett D 2ndChris 2ndFrank 2nd
Cal 2nd
Brock 2ndSohayl 2ndKyle/John 2ndSteve 2ndBrennan 2nd
Rhys 3rdCal 3rdDavin 3rdBrett D 3rdChris 3rdFrank 3rdBrock 3rd
Jace 3rd
Sohayl 3rdKyle/John 3rdSteve 3rdBrennan 3rd
Rhys 4thJace 4thDavin 4thBrett D 4thChris 4thFrank 4th
Cal 4th
Brock 4thSohayl 4thKyle/John 4thSteve 4thBrennan 4th
Rhys 5thDavin 5thBrett D 5thChris 5thFrank 5th
Jace 5th
Brock 5thSohayl 5thKyle/John 5thSteve 5thBrennan 5thCal 5th
Rhys 6thJace 6th
Cal 6th
Davin 6thBrett D 6thChris 6thFrank 6thBrock 6thSohayl 6thKyle/John 6thSteve 6thBrennan 6th
Rhys 7thJace 7thDavin 7thBrett D 7thChris 7thFrank 7thBrock 7thSohayl 7thKyle/John 7thSteve 7thBrennan 7thCal 7th
Rhys 8thJace 8thDavin 8thBrett D 8thChris 8thFrank 8thBrock 8thSohayl 8thKyle/John 8thSteve 8thBrennan 8thCal 8th
Rhys 9thDavin 9thBrett D 9thChris 9thFrank 9thBrock 9thSohayl 9thKyle/John 9thSteve 9thBrennan 9thCal 9th
Jace 9th
Rhys 10thJace 10thDavin 10thBrett D10thChris 10thFrank 10thBrock 10thSohayl 10thKyle/John 10thSteve 10thBrennan 10thCal 10th
Rhys 11thJace 11thDavin 11thBrett D 11thChris 11thFrank 11thBrock 11thSohayl 11thKyle/John 11thSteve 11thBrennan 11thCal 11th
Rhys 12thJace 12thDavin 12thBrett D 12thChris 12thFrank 12thBrock 12thSohayl 12thKyle/John 12thSteve 12thBrennan 12thCal 12th
Rhys 13thBrock 13thDavin 13thBrett D 13thChris 13thSohayl 13th
Jace 13th
Kyle/John 13thSteve 13thBrennan 13thCal 13th
Frank 13th
Rhys 14th
Jace 14th
Brock 14thDavin 14thBrett D 14thChris 14thSohayl 14thKyle/John 14thSteve 14thBrennan 14thCal 14th
Frank 14th
Rhys 15thBrock 15thDavin 15thBrett D 15thChris 15thSohayl 15thKyle/John 15thSteve 15thBrennan 15thCal 15th
Jace 15th
Frank 15th