2016 Draft Recap

October 11, 2016

The regular season finally starts tomorrow, and while our rosters are still 100% potential, let’s look at a quick recap of the draft and set ourselves up for the beginning of the season.

Goalies Went Fast

With only Price and Holtby designated as keepers, I suspected we might see the expansion teams hoarding goalies in the early rounds of the draft. The frenzy started early as Justin took Martin Jones with the 3rd overall pick, followed quickly by Crawford, Quick, Schneider, Bishop, Allen, Lundqvist, Gibson and Rask disappearing off the board before any of the original teams could even pick from the pool. Rhys, Jace and Frank all used their first non-keeper pick on a goalie in Round 8, which left Brett R and Davin as the only holdouts. Brett selected Halak in Round 10, and Davin waited until Round 12 to choose Murray.

Most teams selected three goalies in the draft, with only Brett D, Brett R and Justin electing to roll with two. The free agent choices for goalies is pretty thin right now, (Cam Ward, anyone?) so any injuries will probably necessitate a trade.

Team Distribution

We saw 9-11 players selected from the vast majority of NHL teams, but there were some interesting outliers.

Given the managers in our league, it’s not really unusual to see Edmonton (13 players drafted) and Vancouver (13 players) above average, nor is it that shocking that perennial powerhouse Washington had 13 players drafted. Arizona is a bit of a surprise though; with 12 Coyotes chosen, it seems as though many of us are banking on the young guns in the desert to really break out this year.

On the other end of the spectrum, we had Buffalo (8 players) and Anaheim (7 players) below average, with the New Jersey Devils as the most under-represented team with only 6 players selected. There could be some untapped potential in Jersey – someone’s gotta get the ice time after all.

And finally – six different Canucks were chosen in the last two rounds of the draft. I don’t really have insight here, just think it’s hilarious that the Canucks are so back that everyone waited until the very end to pick them.

Position Distribution

LW – 62
C – 73
RW – 61
D – 83
G – 33

Changes Happen Fast

Already we’ve seen a number of moves on the waiver wire as injuries stack up, players get cut from camp, and depth charts begin to solidify. Today is the last day in which you can make free moves that don’t add up to your max transaction limit, so take a quick look and make sure your team is ready for opening night.

If you have a player that is listed as O (out) or IR (injured reserve), you can move them to an Injured Reserve slot and pick up a replacement player. Any player listed as SSPD (suspended) or DTD (day-to-day) cannot be moved into an IR slot, and must remain on the bench or be dropped to waivers.

It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your roster management, and make sure you sent your rosters daily, or at the least set them a week in advance. Using both the app and online portal, you can easily see which players are scheduled to play, and tailor your rosters accordingly. You definitely don’t want to leave all the points on the bench.

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